Monday, March 9, 2009

The House Bunny

Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris) was an orphan who developed late and ended up becoming a Playboy Bunny.

She spent most of her days living in the Playboy Mansion, throwing parties and doing yoga on the front lawn. After her 27th birthday she gets an odd letter from Hef, asking her to leave the mansion and so starts The House Bunny.

Having no real background in anything except posing and looking hot, Shelley stumbles upon a sorority house and finds that she may just have the qualifications to be a house mother. All of the major sororities already had house mothers, so Shelley took over at probably the worst sorority on campus - you know the one with the nerd and reject girls.

Of course, the sorority is also having a problem - as in if they don't get at least 30 pledges for the upcoming year they would lose their house. So, Shelley to the rescue right.

This movie played out a lot like a mix of Sydney White and She's All That to me

It reminded me of She's All That because of the so called major transformation of the women in the household - going from nerdy, funny looking and basically a joke; to some of the hottest most wanted girls on campus.

The Sydney White comparison is actually pretty darn close to the plot of the film. In the movie, Sydney is forced out of her house and has to live at the reject household with seven guys. Now, she doesn't actually make them cool or better looking - but she makes them fit in with the rest of the school - and helps topple the Greek life that is running the school.

Due to the comparison to the above movie, I have to lower my grade, but I did enjoy the film. Plus, most of the women in the film are pretty easy on the eyes.

Like most films of these type - there is an overall meaning to everything that is happening in the film - and everyone learns a valuable lesson. Which was actually pretty easy to figure out from the beginning - but it was fun to see it being played out.


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  1. Anna Faris is famous for her roles in the Scary Movies which are, of course, spoofs. So when you say the film has a strikingly similar plot, it does because it pretty much is spoofing Sydney White almost to a T. So I rate this movie high, because I can watch it over and over and laugh hysterically each time at the utter absurdities; it is a well-done and hilarious mockery and had me in fits of giggles more often than Sydney White itself. Appreciate her talent for mimicking actresses in her own dumber-that-usual way... :)