Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 10: Guilty Pleasure Movies

OK. Well, I saw this on a few of my fellow bloggers sites, and have wanted to try and come up with one on my own. I have a pretty extensive DVD collection, so I know I have a few movies that I love that I might not want to admit to other people.

Each time I head home I tell myself to check out the movies, and each night I have forgotten. So this list is coming strictly off the top of my head - but I am sure the list could go on further if I got a good look at my collection.

Anyway, Jason at Invasion of the B-Movies is running a Blog-A-Thon about guilty pleasure movies and has asked all those willing to write up our top 10 guilty pleasure movies.

I never really am sure what a guilty pleasure movie entails: because in my mind these are good flicks. But, I don't really go around bragging about all of them - and you'll see why.

Anyway, here are my Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies (in reverse order as always):

10) Clue
Reasoning: Clue the board game has been my all-time favorite board game for as long as I can remember - and I absolutely rule at the game, haha. Anyway, a cast that includes Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, Martin Mull and hilarious portrayal of Mr. Green by Michael McKean - this movie constantly leaves me laughing at each viewing. "Is that what we ate?"

9) Moulin Rouge
Reasoning: I am not a huge fan of the old-time musicals, but I was taken to this movie and I can honestly say I was blown away. It was fast paced, the colors were astounding and the music was modern. And I honestly had no idea that Obi-Wan Kenobi could sing as well as he does.

8) D2: The Mighty Ducks
Reasoning: Alright, I was drawn in immediately to the original Mighty Ducks movie. Like I have said in many blogs before this, I am not a hockey fan, but for some reason I totally love the underdog that triumphs movies. D2, however, took the original to a whole new level with the new characters, and playing for their country.

7) My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding
Reasoning: OK, so supposedly this is like the highest grossing independent movie of all-time, but still for a guy to actually enjoy it - is rather odd, especially when admitting it. I find it pretty darn hilarious actually - and quite noble as well. What a man will go through to get with the woman he loves. "Put some Windex on it."

6) Flight of the Navigator
Reasoning: I am not too sure when I stumbled upon this great film, but I do know that my local video store constantly had it rented out - to me. The film shows a boy who goes looking for his brother, but falls down a cliff. When he comes to it's eight years later. This shows his journey to try and figure out what happened, and try to reverse it.

5) The Wizard
Reasoning: One of the greatest video game movies of all-time. The film follows a runaway, Jimmy Woods, who is sort of an idiot-savant, and his brother Corey as they journey to California. Along the way Corey realizes that Jimmy has a gift for video games - and decides to take him to the video game championships to win a little money - all while trying to avoid a bounty hunter out to take Jimmy back to his mother and step-father.

4) I'll Be Home For Christmas
Reasoning: I was a pretty big Home Improvement fan when the show was on the air, so naturally when one if its stars was in a film - Jonathan Taylor Thomas - I had to check it out. It also features a young Jessica Biel as JTT's girlfriend. Each time Christmas rolls around, this film must be watched at least once to make it truly feel like Christmas.

3) Cheaper by the Dozen
Reasoning: Steve Martin has obviously had better films, but Cheaper by the Dozen is a pretty decent movie in my eyes. The dynamic of a household with 12 children is pretty hard to realize - but it's funny to see how a couple tries to maintain control despite being outnumbered - by 10.

2) Jawbreaker
Reasoning: OK, this one is weird. This is one of the first movies that I watched with my future wife. So, it sort of holds a special place in my heart - and the fact that the movie is so accidentally funny is another reason. A group of friends accidentally kills a friend of theirs on her birthday - and try to cover it up as a murder.

1) Stick It
Reasoning: My wife got this movie off of Netflix a long time ago, and watched it by herself. One night I came into the living room and it was on a movie channel and she was watching it, so I finished it with her. I still have no idea what drew me int, but I actually liked the movie - and I have watched it probably 20 times when catching that it is on.


  1. I think only the top 4 can really be listed as guilty pleasures.

    Clue and Moulin Rouge are DEFINITELY NOT guilty pleasures, as both are excellent movies and each have a relatively big fan base.

    D2: The Mighty Ducks... this one could be one, yeah. I don't think

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one, as I remember it doing rather well and was rather well-liked when it first came out.

    Flight of the Navigator COULD be one... but it's kind of an obscure movie. Though I suppose it could be counted. Same thing goes with The Wizard.

    Like I said, though, the last 4 are definitely guilty pleasure movies.

  2. Ummm "Stick It"? Seriously? I'm just going to pretend I don't even know you starting now. :)

  3. I loved Flight of the Navigator as a kid - even had a slight crush on SJP, as the kid in the flick did. I saw it again recently - as expected, it doesn't hold up all that well, but it's a fun movie regardless.