Thursday, August 28, 2008

College: The Return

Well, I am now about a week into my second stint as a college student. Last week I finally got registered for the three classes that I am taking - Environmental Science, Children's Literature and Finite Math. I, of course, got enrolled on Wednesday with the final day being Friday - I am always pretty late when it comes to those things.

Anyway, I am taking my Environmental Science class and Finite Math class online, so I technically only have to go up to school twice a week for my Children's Literature class.

My online classes didn't get going so well, as it took a few days for my login to actually start working. And when I got into the website, I only had my math class available. Once they added my science class, I again couldn't login. But, they fixed it again and so far I have been able to login everyday with no problems - keep your fingers crossed.

The online classes are pretty nice. They have all of your assignments mapped out for you, so you can take them at your leisure as long as they are in by a certain date. So far, I am caught up on most of my online classes, but I purchased the wrong lab notebook, so I have not been able to do my first science lab yet - hopefully this weekend.

My Children's Literature class meets on Tuesday and Thursday during my lunch break from work. So far it seems pretty good. I am, of course, one of if not the oldest person in the class. Today we had our first group assignment, where in the past I have been pretty hesitant, but today I felt right at home.

I think this is going to be pretty decent as long as I can continue to find time to work on my studies, and stay motivated - which my wife has already shown me she is going to keep on me to stay motivated. These two semesters will be the toughest for me, as I need to get either an A or a B in two science classes and two math classes - and a C or better in four different literature classes. But, I think it can be done - and should be smoother sailing once I am finally in the master's program.

Week One is pretty much in the books, and I feel pretty confident. I was a little nervous on Tuesday - or maybe I was just winded from climbing four flights of stairs - but I felt a little better today.

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