Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I found myself yesterday with a whole lot of free time and a free movie ticket. I had a basketball game at 9:45 last night and did not want to have to drive all the way home and then back again - so I went to the theater to see what movie would fit both my time schedule and was accepting the free movie passes.

So, I went to see Hancock.

I'll admit, I went in a little skeptical. A few of the reviews I had read were not too kind, but I had no other choice (and my movie ticket expired on Friday).

The movie stars Will Smith as John Hancock, a reluctant superhero who does most of his crime fighting hungover or drunk. When Hancock makes good, there is usually a large bill that the city will have to pay in order to fix all of the damage.

Hancock's reputation has been tarnished - instead of being loved by everyone, they loathe him. When along comes Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a struggling PR executive. Embrey, on his way home, get stuck on the train tracks and is saved by Hancock. Hancock, however, gets harsh criticism from the onlookers - and Embrey breaks it up by announcing that he had just saved his life.

Embrey then takes Hancock under his wing and believes he can clean up his act and make the people of the city not only long for him - but love him.

I knew that there would be a wrench thrown into the gears by reading reviews of the movie - but I was unaware exactly how it would happen. Here is where I think the movie got a little sidetracked - and those of you saw the movie know what I am talking about.

Hancock had the potential to be an excellent movie - and if there is a chance for a sequel perhaps it still could be - but the change in directions that the movie took (despite me knowing right away what was going to happen) didn't seem absolutely necessary.

The performances of both Smith and Bateman were excellent as always - Charlize Theron plays Mary Embrey, or Rey's wife and was also very good in her role.

The roles of the 'villains' almost seemed secondary to the theme of the movie - although I think the movie may have been even better with at least a viable villain.

Overall I think this movie was decent - though it had the potential to be something special. The idea was great, but I think they took a wrong turn somewhere in production. But like I said, if there are plans for sequels things could be even better because the character of Hancock was a good idea.


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