Monday, August 18, 2008

Sydney White

My wife has been raving about this movie for a long time. This is another movie (much like Stick It) that she had rented from Netflix and watched on her own.

Well, last night Sydney White ran on one of the movie networks and I found myself with nothing else on to watch. So, the wife and I decided to take in the movie together.

And I actually found myself enjoying it.

The movie itself is an updated version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it actually worked pretty well. It was also fun trying to see which character was supposed to be which dwarf.

Cutie Amanda Bynes stars in the film as the titular character. Sydney is a college freshman, who half of her life was raised by her plumber father and influenced by his contractor buddies. Her mother had passed away when Sydney was just eight years old.

In order to try and emulate, or become closer to her deceased mother, Sydney decides to pledge her sorority (I believe it was Kappa Delta Nu, but I could be wrong). The sorority is run by Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton), who basically also runs the entire school while being student body president.

The sororities brother fraternity is head by Tyler Prince (Matt Long), who takes a liking to Sydney thanks to her knowledge of sports and cannon-like throwing arm. This, unfortunately, is the downfall for Sydney as Rachel, in her 20-year plan, believe her and Tyler will be together. So despite being a legacy - Sydney goes through rush only to be humiliated beyond belief, especially during the pinning ceremony where Rachel informs her she will not be joining the sorority.

Also on "Greek Road" is a shack-like, should be condemned building known to all as The Vortex. This is a place where the people who have no where else to go live - also known as 'the dorks'.

The Seven Dorks allow Sydney, who has been kicked out of the sorority house, to stay with them. It is here that Sydney decides things need to change at the school - and it all starts with the removal of Rachel from student body president.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme is all over this movie, and it was pretty fun trying to find out the various things that go with that (I am going to put down a bunch of those now, so if you would like to find out for yourself, please don't read the bullets).

  • Sydney White = Snow White (obviously)
  • Tyler Prince = Prince Charming
  • Rachel Witchburn = The Witch
  • Seven Dorks = Seven Dwarfs (Terrance=Doc, George=Dopey, Lenny=Sneezy, Jeremy=Bashful, Spanky=Happy, Gurkin=Grumpy, Embele=Sleepy)
  • Virus on Apple Computer=Poison Apple
  • Kiss to Wake Up by Prince=Kiss to Wake Up from Death by Prince
  • "Hot or Not" List=Mirror on the Wall
I was sort of split on this film before watching it. I do like me some Amanda Bynes, but she does so many of these type of movies now. My wife, however, insisted I would enjoy it - and I actually did. I wasn't sure if they could pull of a modernization of Snow White (see Cinderella Story), but they did.


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