Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 6/5/12

John Carter: So, a few weeks ago the family and I went to a drive-in movie to see The Avengers. That drive-in just so happened to have a double feature happening - the second film was John Carter. We left after The Avengers. Sure it was late, but I probably would have left anyway. There is just nothing about this film that pulled me in, and it bombed at the theater, so my thoughts must be other people's thoughts as well.

Act of Valor: Not really sure why a Navy SEALs team would even allow a filmmaker to follow them - if this were a completely fictional film, or perhaps even one based on a true story it would make sense. But, this appears to be a mix of an active team and original film making. I am just not into this.

Safe House: Denzel acting as the bad ass? Plus Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, sounds like a decent watch to me.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island: For some reason, the first movie didn't really get me excited to watch it. Which is odd, because I enjoy a nice Brendan Fraser flick every once and again. But, this one actually, for some odd reason, had something that grabbed me. Unfortunately, I have a bit of OCD and I will now have to watch the first one to get to this one.

Machine Gun Preacher: Not really sure. I heard about this one awhile ago, but after reading about it just now - looks like something I may want to check out. Gerard Butler is a bit of an enigma for me - I am not really sure if I like him or not. He has tried both action and comedy, and I have enjoyed a few of each and hated a few of each. So, I guess he is in the middle.

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