Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 6/12/12

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: I honestly wasn't that big of a fan of the first Sherlock Holmes film, but there was definitely a chance for something great - it just didn't happen. Hopefully with the sequel they made the necessary changes. I think this could be a fun franchise, if it is done right.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: As odd as it may sound, I may have actually liked the first Ghost Rider  film more than I did the first Sherlock Holmes. But, not a lot more. Not really sure how much they can improve on it, but I will always give it a shot.

Good Deeds: I am just going to continue to say it. Who is watching these Tyler Perry films? I can honestly say the only movie I have ever seen with Tyler Perry in it was Star Trek. But, someone must be watching it and he continues to make bank - so I can't hate on him for that. I will just continue to wonder who is watching them.

Too Big To Fail: I had never heard of this, but it is apparently a made-for-tv film that was on HBO. Boy is it star-studded. It's basically about the 2008 financial meltdown that occurred in America. Not sure I am going to rush out to get this, but it has me interested enough that I may check it out - especially if it goes streaming.

A Little Bit of Heaven: It's on its way from Netflix. Definitely one of those chick-flick movies that my wife enjoys. If she likes it enough I may end up watching it with her at some point in time. Reviews, however, have not been kind. But, I don't get myself too wrapped up in reviews.

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