Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 6/19/12

Big Miracle:  "Captain, there be whales here." So, this is I believe based on a true story of a couple of whales trapped under the ice in Alaska. A group of people do all they can do get the whales help and show them the way to water outside of the ice. May check it out.

Project X: Nothing about this has interested me in the least. So, I will not be checking it out.

Wanderlust: Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston get trapped at a nudist camp - and I am sure hilariousness ensues. Yeah, I'll be checking it out.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Though this is being billed as a comedy, it looks a lot like an indie film that is more dramatic than comedic. But, I will have to take a look to make sure. Interesting to see Jason Segel in a more dramatic role.

Seeking Justice: Or, Nicolas Cage continues to search for paychecks. But, this one may have at least some redeeming qualities. I may check it out at some point.

Cat Run: No real idea what this one is about. But it was rated pretty poorly. Only real name I recognized was Shooter McGavin.

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