Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 6/26/12

The Artist: One of my least favorite type of film. I am definitely glad I wasn't brought up during the era before the 'talkies'. Sure it won the Oscar, because it was something different - I am sure it is a good film for those that enjoy it. But, I watch movies for entertainment and these type of films lack in that department.

21 Jump Street: At first I was totally out on this film. I never watched the television series, but then again these movies never really follow the series anyway - so that shouldn't matter. I think I may have been Jonah Hill-ed out. But, early reviews of the film and some later trailers got me hooked again. I'll definitely be checking it out.

Wrath of the Titans: Still have yet to check out the first film in this franchise (the remake from a few years ago, not the original). I am seriously doubting anything spectacular out of any of these films, but I will eventually check them both out. Just not sure when.

Mirror Mirror: I am not really a fan of Julia Roberts. There is just something about her that usually throws me off - but there are some of her movies that I am able to enjoy despite her performance. With the Snow White films were coming out I was definitely more interested in The Huntsman, but Mrs. Kano wanted to check this one out, so I will as well.

A Thousand Words: I hate to admit it, but when I saw the first trailer as ridiculous as it sounds I actually thought this movie may be somewhat funny. Besides the Shrek films it looked so much better than almost anything Eddie Murphy has been throwing out there. But, it currently has a 0% on rottentomatoes. I never listen to reviews when watching films, but a 0% definitely has me worried - that means everyone hated it, there is no wiggle room. I guess we'll see at some point.

The Decoy Bride: A famous celebrity is about to get married and in order to get past the paparazzi, the bride hires someone else to to be her decoy and throw the paparazzi off of her scent. Not really sure if I will watch this one - may be a date night movie in the future, so I cannot say a definite no or yes.


  1. I wasn't really a fan of silent films, either... and then I saw The Artist. It oozes such charm, humor, and beauty that I immediately fell in love with it. And to say it (or any genre) lacks entertainment is... I think mis-worded. But to me, there's an exception to every rule, and I challenge anybody to not come out of The Artist smiling.

  2. Mis-worded is right. That should be 'for me'. I never would say that any film doesn't have entertainment value - because someone out there obviously enjoys it.

  3. I only wanted to see Mirror, Mirror because I know someone who's in it, silly hubby!

  4. I'm a big fan of silent films and think that you can get just as much enjoyment from them as modern cinema. It's almost a different art form because they had to find clever ways of conveying emotion and dialouge. The Artist is still my favourite film of the last 12 months.