Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 2/22/11

Megamind: I have heard some good things about this film. It is currently on my 50 films of 2011 list, and once I get it (either Netflix on purchase) I will be checking it out with my family. From what I have seen it looks like it may be pretty decent.

Due Date: Um, I will definitely be checking this out, but I have heard nothing but bad things about this film. Which, is too bad because it looks like it has all of the makings of being a great, comedic film. Like all films, however, I will wait to make my own opinion - but so far the voices have been negative.

Get Low: From what I have seen and heard this is supposed to be a very good film, Unfortunately, from the trailers I have seen, I just have had no interest in seeing it from the content. I enjoy Bill Murray obviously, and I sometimes enjoy Robert Duvall - perhaps I will see it sometime in the future.

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