Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 2/1/11

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2: Um, no thanks.

Let Me In: Nope.

Conviction: This one looks like it has some promise, but I just read about it for the first time a few minutes ago. I will need to look more into it before I decide if I will watch it.

Never Let Me Go: Doesn't look like a movie for me.


  1. I know you're against horror, but I can assure you that Let Me In (or its foreign counterpart, Let The Right One In) are not what you think they are horror-wise. They're more about the bond/relationship between two preteens (well, one preteen and one vampire that looks preteen)... and not in a Twilight kinda way, either.

  2. I'd tell you to see the original first, but a 'nope' for the remake seems a shame. It's still damn good.

    Conviction is very TV-movie-of-the-week-y, but features some solid performances, especially by Sam Rockwell, who might've earned an Academy nom if the flick came out 10 years ago.