Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who? What? Where? #7

Week Six Results:

Sorry for missing out last week, but Matt comes through two weeks ago correctly guessing that his was in fact Tom Everett Scott as Josh from Dead Man On Campus.

With that Matt has moved into first place with six points so far.

Congratulations, Matt. And good luck to the rest of you this week.

The concept is simple: each week I will place a photograph of a character within a film. It is up to you (the participant in the game) to tell me the following:

1) The name of the actor (or what the actor goes by in his acting profession).

2) The name of the character in the movie.

3) And, the name of the movie.

Each correct answer gets you a point - so if you get all three correct on a given week, you can get three points. I will keep a running chart each and every week. As of now, this will be played for bragging rights only - but we shall see what the future holds.

So here is week #7:

Matt - 6 points
Mrs. Kano - 5 points
Jess - 4 points
Fletch - 2 points
Nick - 1 point


  1. 1) Jonathan Brandis
    2) Bastian Bux
    3) Neverending Story II

  2. Wow! Matt you are quick. Congratulations again.

  3. Damn! I actually knew all 3 of these for once, too.