Monday, January 19, 2009

Super Steelers

I know this is two sports related blogs in a row, but I have to say something about my Steelers making it to the Super Bowl - don't I?

The Pittsburgh Steelers were 'the team' in the '70's. Marching through the playoffs to the tone of four Super Bowl victories.

Unfortunately, the Steelers captured the 1979 Super Bowl (of course played on January 20, 1980). Well, wouldn't you know that I would be born the following year and the Steelers would go into the crapper.

It took 15 years after my birth for the Steelers to reach another Super Bowl - and they fell to the Neil O'Donnell led Dallas Cowboys. Oh, wait - Neil O'Donnell wasn't on the Cowboys, you say? He was on the Steelers - WELL YOU COULD HAVE FOOLED ME.

Sorry, had to vent.

Anyway, the Steelers again were absent from the Super Bowl until 2005 when Pittsburgh finally captured the Vince Lombardi trophy in my lifetime.

So, who knows. On Sunday, the Steelers once again have moved themselves into a Super Bowl - this may be the start of yet another pattern, much like the one I missed in the '70's. Well I sure hope so.

Pittsburgh slipped by another hard hitting team in their rivals from Baltimore, 23-14 to move into the Super Bowl. Waiting for them two weeks from now - the Arizona Cardinals.

Now, on paper the Steelers should win this game easily. But, that has been said of each and every Cardinal opponent during this playoff stretch - and they are still standing. So I am in no way writing off this team.

The last few Super Bowls have been teams of destiny - including the '05 Steelers. Teams that have gone on magical runs to capture the championship, and I am afraid that destiny may be with the Cardinals this season. But, I am hoping that destiny may also want to repeat itself for a kid who was born just a little too late.

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