Friday, January 9, 2009

Midseason Replacements

I have been totally lacking on my blog updates this week. I have not really had much to write about, unless you want me to talk about my even higher regard for The Big Bang Theory (I have been re-watching season one, and find myself laughing all over again).

I did, however, get a nice load of DVDs that I am hoping to watch at least one this weekend - so perhaps I will have something nice to write about next week.

Anyway, this week also happened to be the return of - most - television shows from their holiday breaks. And the official start of the Spring television season.

As you may remember from previous posts, I have an abundant amount of television shows that I am currently following - so many that I have been limited by my wife on any new shows that are coming out. This season, I think I got three - Fringe, Raising the Bar and Dollhouse.

Speaking of Dollhouse, it fits into my reason for this particular post. It is one of many midseason replacements for television networks.

I am not really sure when this came into effect - but I am guessing the networks already knew that a handful of their fall television shows wouldn't make it the full year, so they needed these shows to fill the voids that were left when shows were either canceled or finished their run.

It is sort of humorous though, that there were so many great midseason replacements. Shouldn't they have just been running all year round?

The main returnee for me is Lost. The scribes on the show have devised a plan - and an ending - which only allows for around 15-17 episodes per season, so I understand why ABC waits to put it on the air until the Spring. I am very interested in the new season - and with so many people getting early views of the first episodes, and having only good things to say, I am even more intrigued.

Scrubs was rescued off of its deathbed at NBC and popped up on ABC last Tuesday for a pair of new episodes. It felt a little odd, though, I have to admit. There are brand new interns that, according to my reading, could be the future of the show if the show continues past its eighth season (I am not sure I would be happy with the show without the original cast). The first episode welcomed in Courtney Cox as the new chief of medicine, and introduced us to the new interns. The second episode - which was much better - showed the new side of Scrubs the less zanier side, as Turk and JD helped a dying patient live out his last moments.

A show that I watched this summer when nothing else was on Flashpoint was also given the greenlight as a midseason replacement on CBS. The show follows a special tactical team that helps diffuse certain situations, mostly having to do with hostages. It was a pretty good show that certainly kept me interested this summer - and I am happy to have it back on the air.

As Ghost Hunters takes a sabatical, Ghost Hunters International started its new season on Wednesday. It's basically the same setup, but with a different crew and they are visiting much older places in different countries. The first episode already had an incredible find, and I look forward to rest of the season. I am torn about which show I like more, but I think I like Robb (the team leader of GHI) more than I like Jason (team leader of the original GH).

The only new show that has grabbed my attention as a midseason replacement is Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It has been placed on the ill-fated Friday night, however, that claimed his last television show, Firefly. I was never a fan of Buffy or Angel, but I did enjoy Firefly and the movie, Serenity.

Finally, this show doesn't really qualify as a show I watch on television, because for some stupid reason I do not get the CW. But, Reaper returns in March - a show that I am forced to follow as they add their episodes online. The show was surprisingly entertaining and funny last season, but was one of the shows on the fence about being canceled. Luckily, they gave it another chance and I am pretty excited about its return - despite the stupidity of not having the CW.

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