Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hall of Fame(?)

Baseball will be inducting two new members into its Hall of Fame, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice.

For Henderson, it was his first time being on the ballot - for Rice, it was his 15th and final time.

The baseball hall of fame appears to be tougher to get into than Fort Knox. I mean, was Rice not a hall of famer the other 14 times he was on the ballot? Did they have to make him sweat it out?

It seems like a flawed system to me. Which is only getting worse now that the steroid cloud hovers over most of the new players up for induction. Mark McGwire has already felt the wrath twice.

But, I am not that big of a baseball fan anyway - so I thought I would talk about the football hall of fame. They have narrowed down their finalists to Bruce Smith, Cris Carter, Andre Reed, Rod Woodson, Russ Grimm, Derrick Thomas, Paul Tagliabue, Ralph Wilson, Shannon Sharpe, Bob Hayes, Bob Kuechenberg, Claude Humphrey, Cortez Kennedy, Dermontti Dawson, Richard Dent, Randall McDaniel and John Randle.

From what I have read (but could not find to back up), the Hall of Fame inducts 4-7 members each year. So, with those guidelines I have come up witht he members of 2009.

Definite: Bruce Smith, Cris Carter, Rod Woodson.
Secondary: Shannon Sharpe, Derrick Thomas, Paul Tagliabue, Dermontti Dawson.

This also got be interested - who in today's game is either a lock, or on his way to being in the Hall of Fame. So, I have come up with the players I feel could be there when they are done playing.

Note: I have not included any offensive line or kicker/punter. I am not a great judge of an offensive lineman (though Allan Faneca and Orlando Pace are surely locks). And as of now, not one punter is in the Hall of Fame. Though in my mind, there are definitely some worthy kickers.

AFC: Ed Reed (Ravens), Ray Lewis (Ravens), Carson Palmer (Bengals), Donnie Edwards (Chiefs), Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs), Larry Johnson (Chiefs), Willie McGinest (Browns), James Harrison (Steelers), Troy Polamalu (Steelers), Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers), Hines Ward (Steelers), Joey Porter (Dolphins), Brett Favre (Jets), Andre Johnson (Texans), Mario Williams (Texans), Tom Brady (Patriots), Tedy Bruschi (Patriots), Randy Moss (Patriots), Junior Seau (Patriots), Richard Seymour (Patriots), Rodney Harrison (Patriots), Keith Bullock (Titans), Javon Kearse (Titans), Rashean Mathis (Jaguars), Fred Taylor (Jaguars), Champ Bailey (Broncos), D.J. Williams (Broncos), Antonio Cromartie (Chargers), Antonio Gates (Chargers), Shawne Merriman (Chargers), Philip Rivers (Chargers), LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers), Jamal Williams (Chargers), Dwight Freeney (Colts), Marvin Harrison (Colts), Peyton Manning (Colts), Reggie Wayne (Colts), Bob Sanders (Colts).

NFC: Torry Holt (Rams), Julian Peterson (Seahawks), Patrick Kerney (Seahawks), Clinton Portis (Redskins), Jason Taylor (Redskins), Brian Dawkins (Eagles), Donovan McNabb (Eagles), Brian Westbrook (Eagles), Lito Sheppard (Eagles), Eli Manning (Giants), Antonio Pierce (Giants), Justin Tuck (Giants), Osi Umenyiora (Giants), Drew Brees (Saints), Marques Colston (Saints), Aaron Glenn (Saints), Jonathan Vilma (Saints), Ronde Barber (Buccaneers), Derrick Brooks (Buccaneers), Warrick Dunn (Buccaneers), Terrell Owens (Cowboys), Zach Thomas (Cowboys), DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys), Jason Witten (Cowboys), Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals), Anquan Boldin (Cardinals), Kurt Warner (Cardinals), Edgerrin James (Cardinals), Adrian Wilson (Cardinals), Steve Smith (Panthers), John Abraham (Falcons), Keith Brooking (Falcons), Lawyer Milloy (Falcons), Jarred Allen (Vikings), Adrian Peterson (Vikings), Darren Sharper (Vikings), Kevin Williams (Vikings), Pat Williams (Vikings), Lance Briggs (Bears), Devin Hester (Bears), Brian Urlacher (Bears), Calvin Johnson (Lions), Takeo Spikes (49ers), Patrick Willis (49ers), Isaac Bruce (49ers), A.J. Hawk (Packers), Donald Driver (Packers), Charles Woodson (Packers), Al Harris (Packers).

That is my list. Obviously, some of these players are early on in their careers and could slip up. Some still need a few more things to go right for them as their careers wind down - and there are still others not on this list (Jay Cuter-Matt Forte-Chris Johnson-Aaron Rodgers) who have done well, but haven't had enough years to really prove themselves yet.

I am sure some people have there picks that may have been omitted, and some that are on my list that shouldn't be there. Let's get the talk flowing.

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