Monday, January 12, 2009

Speed Racer

I don't know what all the complaining was about.

The only thing I have to say about Speed Racer is that I didn't get to see it in all of its 3-D glory - I am sure that would have been a wild ride.

What were people expecting? Had they never actually seen an episode of the television series?

This was amazingly done - sure it was cheesy, but so was the show.

It also must have hit pretty close to home for NASCAR. I just kept thinking, 'someone isn't going to be happy about this' during the whole Royalton/Speed scenes.

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is all about racing. It's in his blood. It's what his family is all about.

His father, Pops (John Goodman), runs his own racing company, which Speed races for sans sponsorship.

After Speed becomes a pretty big racer, the sponsors are literally knocking at his door - he finally agrees to give one a chance and tours his company. After realizing he doesn't want to join the Royalton name, E.P. Arnold Royalton (Roger Allam) starts to ruin him and his families' business.

In order to get out from under his grasp, Speed must join with Racer X (Matthew Fox) and help Taejo Togokahn (Rain) win the Caso Cristo race - the same race that claimed his brother, Rex (Scott Proctor).

With the help of his girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci) and eventually his family, Speed helps Togokahn win the race - and later gets the chance to race in the Grand Prix, a lifelong dream.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It also helps that it had Ricci, whom I have had a major thing for since she was little Wednesday Addams way back in the day. But, for it to be panned a disaster is way out of line. This isn't an epic tale - it's pure entertainment. And I was more than entertained.

I am still pissed I missed out on the 3-D though - that would have been insane.


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  1. Um... As far as I'm aware, this movie was never in 3-D. It should have been, though. But it wasn't.