Monday, January 5, 2009

John Tucker Must Die

I tend to bite the bullet a lot when it comes to watching movies - if only to actually spend some time with my wife.

So, I usually am 'forced' to watch some random chicky flick - but you know the sad thing is, I usually end up enjoying them.

This was no different then when I tossed in John Tucker Must Die on Saturday.

The good thing was - most of the female leads were pretty darn nice to look at.

Anyway, the film is about John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is the toast of his high school. He is good looking and captain of the basketball team. He also just so happens to be dating many different girls in the school - none of which knows of the other.

His trick is that his father doesn't allow dating, especially during basketball season, so he tells each one that they have to keep it a secret.

Kate (Brittany Snow) is a nobody. She has bounced around so many different schools and towns because of her mother's (Jenny McCarthy) inability to settle down.

Kate, however, gets clued into Mr. Tucker's inner workings as he brings his dates to the restaurant that she happens to work at.

Not really knowing any of the girls, Kate keeps quiet. But fate intervenes as all three girls are tossed into the same gym class one day and the secret slips out. Kate gets involved to help the three girls get even.

The three girls are obviously completely different. Heather (Ashanti) is the head cheerleader; Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) is the smart girl; and Beth (Sophia Bush) is the naughty, not so bright girl.

All four girls come up with multiple plans to try and embarrass John and ruin his reputation - but with each attempt of embarrassment, John becomes even more popular.

At a final attempt, the girls decide to get John to fall in love with Kate - and then completely ambush him with a breakup - to get even.

I won't spoil the ending - but along the way Kate starts to fall for John's brother Scott (Penn Badgley) and I was happy that with the ending wasn't some over the top kiss out of nowhere. It was actually pretty real.

So another one bites the dust, as I enjoyed yet another of my wife's girly movies.



  1. WAIT A SECOND!! I didn't pick this movie AT ALL!

  2. I never said you picked it. Just that it was a girly flick. Sheesh.