Monday, October 27, 2008

Week Without Internet

This past week my family and I were in Disney World (if you want to read about the actual vacation, please see Kano's Kogitation II).

The weird thing about this entire vacation, is I was sort of out of the loop in terms of internet. I must admit, I am pretty addicted to visiting my certain sites every day (most likely visiting them multiple times in case of updates).

But, there is something to say about not hitting the internet. It was a peaceful week, but today I am definitely catching up on blogs I have missed, updated sites, etc.

I have missed an entire week of television, which I will be trying to catch up on in the coming weeks. Plus, I only watched a few movies (bits and pieces) this week. So I have no real update in those terms.

Hopefully something will come to my mind in the near future.

I did realize, however, on my Disney trip that it has been ages since I have actually watched a lot of those films. We have purchased each Disney film on DVD when they are released (not those stupid direct to DVD sequels, but the real movies) but I don't think we have actually sat down and watched them in a good long while.

Although, I have seen Cars about 27 times now - since my son absolutely loves it. After one viewing, it wasn't very high on my list in terms of Pixar films, but on viewing 15 or something around those lines - I have grown pretty fond of it (and thank goodness I did).

Anyway, more updates and things to come in the near future. Sorry for the lack of blogs this week. Check out the other site if you are interested in news from our vacation - something should be up by later tonight.


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