Friday, October 3, 2008

LWITM: Angels in the Outfield

Every so often when I am strapped for something to write about, I like to dive deep into an older movie, perhaps one someone has seen in awhile, and see just how many talented actors were in that movie.

Perhaps some of these actors just had a bit part in this movie, it was before they hit it big. So, I have come up with the LWITM (Look Who's In That Movie) Series.

This is my fifth entry, and this time I have chosen the Disney film Angels in the Outfield.

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt of Third Rock From the Sun fame. Gordon-Levitt has become a pretty large star as of late, and been in some pretty high-praised films. In this movie, he is known as Roger, a foster child who was told by his father that they will be together again when the lowly Angels win the baseball pennant.

So, Roger prays for the Angels to win so he and his father can be reunited.

Along comes 'AL' (played by Christopher Lloyd) to help things along. And all heck breaks loose, as the Angels begin to play well thanks to a little help from a handful of angels.

Also starring in the film is Danny Glover as the Angels' manager George Knox and Brenda Fricker is Roger's foster mother Maggie.

The team, however, is where a lot of now-famous actors are hidden. The most notable at the time was Tony Danza, who starred as a washed-up pitcher named Mel Clark, who gets rejuvenated and helps lead the Angels to the title.

But, if you look deeper you'll also see Ben Williams in center field being played by Matthew McConaughey. Utility infielder Danny Hemmerling, just so happens to be future Oscar winner Adrien Brody. William Bass, another pitcher on the team, is talented actor Neal McDonough. Not as well known, but seen in a lot of movies/television shows is catcher Triscuitt Messmer, played by Tony Longo.

In a very brief part is Dermot Mulroney, who plays Roger's father. Another actor who is seen in a lot of different parts through movies and television is Taylor Negron, who plays David Montagne, Knox's assistant. Finally, Ranch Wilder, the voice of the Angels, is played by Jay O. Johnson.

It's pretty amazing to see now, especially the McConaughey, Brody and McDonough parts. Neither of the parts in the movie was really a large part, in fact out of the three, McDonough probably had the larger roll - and it is so different then the parts he is playing now.

Well, there you have it the fifth installment of LWITM. Hope you enjoyed it.

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