Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Rant: Heroes

I know when seeing the headline you may think that I am mad at the television series Heroes when in fact I couldn't be happier.

This rant is tossed out to those who are constantly complaining about the television show - and actually I could open it up even more and say television shows in general.

I am an avid television watcher, I have stated that many times before. But I don't just watch the shows, I also take a look at recaps and read some of the comments that readers/watchers out there are constantly writing.

I write this blog more about Heroes, but like I said it can be for any other show as well.

I am a huge fan of the show Heroes and even I know that the show dipped a bit during it's sophomore season. Most shows that come out of the gates the way Heroes did usually do. That being said, however, the show was still watchable and I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

The series is now in its third season, and from the few episodes I have seen it appears to be way ahead of what was given to us in season two.

But, as I continue to peruse the comments and forums, Heroes is still getting slammed by some of these so called 'fans'. Is this show ever going to live up to its magical season one? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because it was original, it was new - and that newness has worn off.

But, the show is still a lot better than a lot of the other television shows that are being offered.

Why am I upset? Do I not think that people have the right to complain about a show they used to love? No, of course I believe they have the right. My issue is this: the constant threat to stop watching the show after not enjoying a particular episode. If you don't like the show, then you don't like the show - just leave and get it over with. Some of us - and it still seems to be a lot - actually enjoy the show and want to read conspiracies/clear thoughts about the show - not your crying.

My belief on movies are a little bit different. I feel you do have the right to complain about a terrible movie. Why? Because a movie is a one time thing. If you see it, you wasted your time and money if you don't like it. And perhaps someone out there may not want to do the same, and actually wants to view your opinion.

I am usually not one of those people, however. I have found that I actually enjoy a lot of the movies that critics despise - so I am not a fan of hating on a movie even before I see it.

But, when it comes to television, the show is on every week - so those who enjoy it are still coming back. If you didn't enjoy a movie, would you watch it over and over again? Then why continue to watch the show - just leave and let us that do enjoy it continue to in all of its aspects - including comments and forums.

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