Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GH: WT/DVR Issues

Well, Guitar Hero: World Tour appears to be everything I thought it would be.

My wife spent part of the day yesterday learning how to play the drums, and she is way better at them than I am. When I got home from work, I came in to see my son jamming on them (he is probably better than I am too).

We played a six-song set with me on guitar and her on drums - both on easy mode. The game seems pretty fun, and there is so much more to it that we haven't even dove into yet. We just played the quickplay mode, but I am sure when we have more time we will jump start our careers.

After dinner, it was my turn on the drums. I had tried once or twice to play drums at my friend Mark's house on his Rock Band - and failed miserably. I did get into a pretty good rhythm during our second six-song set. The orange symbol, however, and sometimes the pedal really gave me fits.

All-in-all the game looks to be super fun, and if we hadn't just come back from vacation in late Sunday night - I am sure we would have played a lot longer last night.

But, we have about a week's plus of shows to watch from being on vacation, so we decided to dive into it last night.

Which leads me to my DVR issue.

Last night when we looked at our recorded shows, we were completely out of recording space. The good news is, we only missed two shows, as they were cut short on Sunday night only 19 minutes in.

I quickly went through and deleted everything we weren't going to watch to make room for last night's shows (which we ended up lucking out and not having many due to the baseball game). Then we dove right in and watched a good three hours of shows to clear even more space.

This is one reason why I absolutely loved my TiVo when it was working. Although the DVR's the cable companies have do their jobs for the most part - the TiVo was way beyond anything they have to offer.

I miss the larger hard drive for recording space, plus the nifty little folders that grouped shows together for a nice clean look. Plus, the few second jump back when fast-forwarding really sped up the show watching.

But, I think we are set now, and with not much going on this weekend we should be able to knock out most of the shows and get in a few jam sessions on our new Guitar Hero.

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