Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Rant: Survivor (10/16/08)

WARNING: Contains Spoilers!

I have been an avid Survivor watcher since the end of the first season. Occasionally, with a bad cast I might lose interest - but out of the 17(?) Survivor seasons I think I have only lost interest twice.

So, as I may not be a complete expert on the subject - I think I might be pretty informed.

Which is why the end of last night's episode truly had me steaming.

After merging last week, the Fang Tribe finally looked to be heading in the right direction. And I believe actually made two brilliant moves during last week's episode. They obviously threw the immunity challenge and - even though the editors did a nice job thinking it might be Kelly - made the right move in voting off Jacquie.

This gave the original Fang Tribe the power. No matter what happened they could still pick off the members of the Koto Tribe.

With the loss of Jacquie, however, Sugar was added to the Fang Tribe. Sugar, is also Ace's ace-in-the-hole (pun intended).

In this episode, GC began to flake out. He didn't want to be there anymore, and flat out told everyone after they lost the immunity challenge to vote for him.

Crystal, Ken, Kelly and Matty then proceeded to go through Sugar's bag as her and Ace were taking a dip in the oh-so-refreshing water. And what do they find? That's right, the hidden immunity idol.

So, they begin talking about possibly voting Sugar out - because with the immunity idol she holds a bit of the power.


But, as Jeff Probst reads off the votes, it's GC who gets all but a single vote - and is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Gabon.

Have these people not watched the show before?

This was set up perfect for all of them.

The only logical vote was to be made for Sugar. And no matter the outcome - the tribe still wins.

If Sugar doesn't play the immunity idol not only is she voted out - but the immunity idol is gone (perhaps replanted at 'Exile Island', but still out for now).

If she plays the immunity idol - the no harm done either. The idol is out, and GC goes home anyway.

I can't stand when the people playing this game do so many stupid things. The only thing that would have hurt any of that - is if GC flat out quit, but he didn't. So, his only way out was by the vote.

Now, Sugar still holds the power.

Stupid move. But, what can you expect from a tribe that seems to have been cursed from the start?

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  1. Yep yep, that was a good opportunity for them. However, I'm of the mindset that anytime one of the losers on Survivor decides and declares that they want to go home, you ship their ass home before they change their mind and end up orchestrating your ouster at the next council. But I see your point all the way.