Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/7/14 (and 12/31/13)

Well, the holidays are over and I missed a Tuesday's With Movies. Never fear, it is back - and I have included the one I missed at the bottom of this one.

Runner Runner: College graduate gets swindled out of money in online poker and decides to track down the owner in Costa Rica. Soon he is stuck between a possible sweet setup of riches, or helping the FBI bring down the man who swindled him. I will definitely check this one out.

Closed Circuit: Two ex-lovers are forced back together to help bring down a terrorism threat, and soon help save each other's lives. Not on my to-watch list as of right now.

Thanks for Sharing: Follows the lives of a handful of people as they struggle to deal with and live with their sex addiction. I will check this one out.

We Are What We Are: A pair of sisters are forced by their father to keep their families customs alive - which seems fine, except this custom is cannibalism. Yeah, think I will skip it.

Big Ass Spider: I don't know why, but I just heard about this and for some reason it has intrigued me. We shall see - maybe a viewing in the future.


Don Jon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a much watch for me, and pretty much most movie goers. He is one of the better actors of his generation. Here, he is the writer, director and the star - so that is a three-peat for me. 

Inappropriate Comedy: I don't even care to say what this is about - it looks completely stupid and I will be staying away.

CBGB: The movie follows the real-life nightclub CBGB, which was considered the birthplace of underground rock n roll and punk.

Sweetwater: A former prostitute tries to make a normal life with her new husband in New Mexico in the late 1800s. However, she soon becomes the focus of a powerful religious leader - and she enlists the help of a renegade sheriff. 

Cassadaga: Let's just say a random horror flick - the plot is crazy but it involved a deaf woman, spirits and marionettes. 

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