Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/8/13

House at the End of the Street: Definitely not my type of movie, but it has the up-and-coming Jennifer Lawrence in it. Apparently Mrs. Kano wants to check it out, so it has been added to the Netflix queue. Let's see if she actually checks it out.

Frankenweenie: My son wanted to see this in the theater and Mrs. Kano tried to take him and a couple friends to see it for his birthday, but it apparently wasn't working at the theater so they never got to see it. Definitely will check it out with him once we get a chance to on DVD.

Hit & Run: This could either be really funny or not. I have some trepidation with some of the harsh reviews - but I will check it out and find out for myself.

Dredd: Never saw the original, but think I should. I was pleasantly surprised with Karl Urban's performance in Star Trek and he was pretty decent in Red. So, I want to give this one a chance as well.

Compliance: Had never really heard of this, but have heard it is pretty good. I think I will give it a shot. I watch Apartment 23 and Dreama Walker, so think I will give it a shot.

Stolen: Nicolas Cage - wonder which way this can go?

Touchback: A man looks back on his football career and what could have been if he hadn't been injured. Seems pretty cheesy to me. I am all for sport movies, but even I don't think I will check this one out.

Jack & Diane: At first it looks like a film about a lesbian couple, but reading the summary it looks like it takes an extremely odd turn. Wasn't really interested in it before - but with that strange turn, definitely not now.

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  1. House at the End of the Street is supposed to be one of the worst movies of the year, in part due to how unbelievably unscary it is. I haven't seen it yet, but morbid curiosity might win out.

    I saw Dredd in theater, and it's actually good, mostly because Karl Urban is awesome in it.