Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/15/13

Taken 2: I enjoyed the first film, and I am hoping that they caught lightning in a bottle twice - although that is hardly ever the case. I am sure it is not as great as the original, but hopefully there is still something in it worthwhile. I will definitely be checking it out.

The Possession: Um, no.

To Rome with Love: Not a huge Woody Allen fan. I think I may have only seen one of his films - and it wasn't even one of the main ones. But, this looks to have a decent cast so I think I will give it a shot eventually.

Won't Back Down: This looks like nothing I want to see. But, Mrs. Kano has added it to the queue. Could be something we watch together - so I can't say I won't be watching it.

Branded: I am not sure how to take this film. There is something is definitely drawing me in - it looks like it could be very interesting. But, reviews have been rather harsh - so I am not optimistic.

The Other Dream Team: 1992's US Dream Team was obviously a huge story and one of the most influential teams in the history of basketball. But, during that same year the third-place team was also pretty influential - more for their country than for their sport. Definitely want to check this out.

17 Girls: Best friends always stick together. But, this is pretty ridiculous. A girl accidentally gets pregnant and 16 of her friends decide to join her. Um, I find it very interesting - crazy, but interesting.

About Cherry: Young girl moves out west and gets involved in the porn industry. Maybe if I catch it on a movie channel or something.

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  1. Taken 2 is... not good. It pretty much takes everything that made the first film so good and does the exact opposite.