Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/1/13

Looper: This one drops on New Year's Eve, wrapping up a pretty sick Joseph Gordon-Levitt DVD month. Really looking forward to checking this one out. Looked really good when I first saw the trailers and now hearing what everyone has said really has me excited.

Cosmopolis: Looks pretty confusing which intrigues me, but also stars that Twilight actor that stars in Twilight. I didn't hate him that much in Goblet of Fire, so perhaps there is a chance I can like him in a film outside of Twilight.

Little Birds: Even after reading what this is about, I am still really not sure what it is about. Maybe if I know more about it, but as of now not on my list.

Trouble with Bliss: Guy gets into a relationship with a daughter of his former classmate, seems interesting. Plus, it has Michael C. Hall (still hoping he can break out somehow in movies). May check this one out down the line.

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