Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 1/29/13

Hotel Transylvania: It doesn't happen too often, but my son and wife were both able to check this one out without me. So, guess I need to catch up to them - of course I am sure they will want to watch it with me.

Paranormal Activity 4: There are now four of these. The first one came out in 2007 - they are really pumping this well dry fast.

Seven Psychopaths: Looks pretty good. I finally was able to check out In Bruges, which comes from the same guy, and I enjoyed it. Here I like most of the actors, so I am guessing this one will be just as good.

Noobz: Never heard of it, but saw that Jason Mewes was a part of it. Probably a dumb movie, but I will probably check it out.

Hello I Must Be Going: Heard some decent things about it, but not a lot. Looks sort of interesting, and may look into it sometime down the line.

Citadel: A man suffers from agoraphobia after his wife is brutally attacked by feral children. Is this really happening that often? Feral children? With this and the new film Mama that is two films in the past year.

The Awakening: Even after reading what this is about I am still clueless. Of course not a movie for me, but it's too bad because I do enjoy Dominic West.

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