Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/4/12

Safe: Every so often you just like to watch a film where people kick ass - and Jason Statham apparently is the new ass kicker of this decade. I kept thinking the Rock would take over what Schwarzenegger and Stallone did so well in the '80s, but Statham seems to have taken the torch - so much so that he is even Stallone's right-hand man in The Expendables.

Piranha 3DD: The horror film of the week - apparently this bombed pretty hard. Not that it matters to me I wouldn't be watching it anyway. But, I just found out it was directed by John Gulager, who won in the show Project Greenlight, so I guess it is still sort of cool that he is still working.

The Five-Year Engagement: Jason Segel has been on a pretty decent role of late, plus Emily Blunt seems to be a pretty talented actress as well. Plus, this looks like it might be pretty funny - so yes I will be checking it out.

Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day: I have no idea what this movie is or what it is about. Doesn't look like anything that would interest me though. So, skipped.

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  1. I wouldn't necessarily say the Piranha movies are "horror." They're more campy comedies that just so happen to have people die in them in silly ways. And don't forget lots and lots (and lots) of boobs. The first one is decent fun. I haven't seen this second, but I heard it's awful.

    And John Gulager... he was a one-trick pony. I watched his season of Project Greenlight and bought "Feast" the day it came out. It's a fantastic movie. Feast 2 and 3, which he also directed, are pieces of unintelligible garbage. I can imagine Piranha 3DD being along the same lines as Feast 2 and 3.