Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/18/12

Cabin in the Woods: From all of the horror people that I know I heard this was a pretty decent horror film. As of right now I have no intentions of watching it, but I am not ruling it out for the future. Plus Thor is in it, so it has to be somewhat decent.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Old, English people. Never heard of it and looking it over real quick it doesn't appear to be something I would want to check out.

Magic of Belle Isle: It does have Morgan Freeman in it - but the premise seems a lot like Finding Neverland to me. The Freeman factor may have me check it out in the future, but definitely not now.

Katy Perry: Part of Me: You know what? If I came across this on like HBO or something I may stop on it for awhile. Sad to say, but I won't lie about. I won't go seek it out, but if I did stumble upon I would probably get sucked in for a bit.

Indiana Jones: Again, I don't usually post when older films get released on Blu-Ray, but come on - it's Indiana Jones. One of the best trilogies of all time. Not sure when I'll be able to get it, but when I wrote my story on Blu-Rays it was one of the five that I would definitely re-purchase.


  1. Cabin in the Woods is pretty much one of the best movies of the year (and I'm not alone in thinking this). And yes, while it is a horror movie, it's also a pretty strong comedy. And it's very meta. It's basically the film that explains away all the silliness of any horror movie ever made. Fantastic movie... and co-written by Joss Whedon.

  2. I also just noticed you said you love the Scream films. "Cabin" is pretty much the same vibe, but even a little goofier at times.

  3. I may give it a shot. It had me intrigued, especially with all of the good comments.