Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 9/25/12

The Avengers: Years of planning led up to the release of this film and it was either going to be a major hit or a complete disappoint - I really don't think there could have been an in between. Luckily, I believe they blew it out of the water. A lot of great films released this year - and this was by far the most fun, and probably my favorite. I saw it three times in the theater (well once at a drive-in) and I can honestly say I am really looking forward to Sunday when my family and I can watch it again.

Resident Evil: Damnation: Not really sure what this is. With the film just being released in the theater, this one comes out a little over a week later. I don't believe it goes with that series as it is animation (or computer generated). Either way, haven't seen any type of film from Resident Evil and really have no reason to now.

The Tall Man: Never heard of this one either. Apparently about a mother who loses her child - to an entity known as the Tall Man. Jessica Biel stars, but no one else I really recognize in the cast. Again, not for me.

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  1. There are 2 Resident Evil movie series. There's the live-action, theatrical series that everyone knows. But Capcom, the producers of the game series, started doing an animated film series that sticks closer to the games and actual game characters. The first film came out a few years ago... and I personally felt it sucked pretty bad. It's just really boring with iffy animation and bad voice actors.

    Though I'll probably have to see this one for my Video Game Movies series on the blog, unfortunately.