Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 3/6/12

Immortals: When I first saw this trailer I felt it was another try to duplicate the success of 300. I really had no interest in seeing it, and I really don't have much interest now, but it may have grown a bit with many people claiming it to be a pretty decent film.

Footloose: There are just some films that I cannot believe ever get remade. Why not find some films out there that had a good premise but failed for some reason or another and try to fix them? Anyway, when this was first announced I was out - but apparently it is good, so I will check it out. I am sure Mrs. Kano wants to see it.

Jack and Jill: Horrible film and I know it will be. But, it still intrigues me. I need to know how bad it is.

Like Crazy: Never heard of it, but it stars the girl from Winter's Bone and Chekov from the new Star Trek. Apparently about a British girl who falls for a US boy - but is whisked away when she stays too long and her visa runs out. As of now, not really looking to check it out.

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