Tuesday, March 20, 2012

(8) Commander Cody vs. (9) Kit Fisto

Despite falling behind early in the day, Wedge Antilles came roaring back as the later votes came crawling in to move into the round of 32. Congrats to Wedge.

I like that 14 votes came in on the first day. But, still room for improvement. Make sure to come back each day until a victor is crowned. And please spread the word. The more voters the better. Thanks!

(8) Commander Cody

Commander Cody is one of the few clone troopers in the films that actually gets a name, at least on screen. Cody helps Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Revenge of the Sith when Kenobi tracks down General Grievous on Utapau. Cody eventual is forced to turn on Kenobi during the execution of Code 66. Like so many characters in the prequel trilogy, Cody is fleshed out much more int h cartoon series, The Clone Wars.

(9) Kit Fisto

Kit Fisto was part of the Jedi fight on Geonosis. Like most of the other Jedis, Fisto's role in the films is rather limited. And, he was killed during the Code 66 execution. But, The Clone Wars cartoon series expands on Fisto and his abilities.

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  1. Clones should never win (unless they happen to be named Boba Fett, I suppose)! That Kit guy all the way.