Monday, November 29, 2010

Smucker's Stars on Ice

I hate snow and ice. And for someone that lives as close to Cananda as an American can without actually being Canadian, that says something.

I am a basketball player and I despise hockey. In fact, any sport that actually requires you to be cold during it makes no sense to me. Which is why the up coming blog really makes no sense - because for some reason I enjoy figure skating.

It could be because during my teenage years I had a huge (ok, stalkerish) crush on Tara Lipinski. That has sort of faded away, mostly because she sort of faded away. Then came Sasha Cohen, who is also very cute.

That, and my wife used to be a figure skater, and I guess I have a thing for figure skaters.

Saturday night was the opening night of the 25th Anniversary of Smucker's Stars on Ice and it did not disappoint.

The show stars Sasha Cohen and Evan Lysacek - but honestly the stars of the show for me were the pairs team from Canada - Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. They put on an absolutely amazing show together, that was really the best part of the show.

The rest of the skaters were Kurt Browning, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Michael Weiss, Joannie Rochette, and pairs team Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto.

All skaters were amazing, but I have to admit that when they went slow music and tried to be all artsy - it fell sort of flat for me. When they played the upbeat music and got everyone involved the show was really spectacular.

They are off until February, I believe, but if they are coming your way try to check it out. The show they put on Saturday will be on television for NBC in January, so check your listings.

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