Friday, September 19, 2008


Well, it finally happened. After being married to a person who knows politics for three years, and with her for over eight, I have finally registered to vote.

It only took 10 years after I had become eligible mind you.

I, however, do not believe in the system that is given to us for voting. This whole electoral college and super delegates and all that crap - it makes no sense to me.

When you have a vote in almost anything, what makes someone win? The most votes. Well, that is exactly what should happen when voting for a president. Count up each vote that is cast from each person in the entire United States and the winner will be our president. It's that simple.

Politics has never been my thing. Honestly, I just don't care who the leader is. The way the United States is setup, there almost always needs to be a consensus vote for all decisions made. The president, in my opinion, is just the face of the country - he isn't always pulling the strings.

But, as bad as things have gotten these past eight years, I have decided that even though my vote does not count I will be voting for the next American president.

This could also be bad, however. In the past, I have always taken pleasure in being able to bad mouth the president for the terrible job being done in the country. I have been able to do this because I did not vote for that president. Now, if the person I vote for wins, and does a horrible job - well I voted for him.

I write this today because I finally received my form the other night - stating that I am in fact a registered voter. I can't wait to start receiving all of the forms in the mail now from politicians looking for my vote. I have been so jealous of the amount of 'junk' mail my wife has been getting all these years (please note my sarcasm).

I apologize for the lack of blogs this week - I have not had anything come to my mind to write about - and I am still rather busy with school/work. I promise to do my best with better, more interesting blogs in the future.

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  1. Congrats! This is a good thing. I can feel myself aging daily by gauging my political awareness, and more to the point, caring.

    The voting system may be broken, but I'd like to believe in the system and think it's still important to take part.

    Though I'm all for complaining regardless of who you voted for or even if you didn't. I complain about a lot of movies and Tv, but I had no hand in making them...