Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/6/13

Oblivion: When I first heard about it I wasn't too excited. I don't know why, but Tom Cruise sometimes turns me off a movie, even though I eventually see it and usually like it. The addition of Morgan Freeman, however, will definitely bring me in. I will be looking at this one.

Place Beyond the Pines: Honestly, this one I had zero interest in seeing, but I will. The trailer just did not work for me and draw me in - but Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper have been solid, especially of late, so I will check it out.

Mud: Looks great. Matthew McConaughey has really risen to the next level as an actor. After A Time to Kill I thought his career would skyrocket, and it sort of did, except he didn't really do solid films. Now, I think he is on the right track. Look forward to seeing this.

On the Road: Looks like a story about a writer and a young couple and all the people they meet during their drive. Might be something I check out at some point.

To the Wonder: These Terence Malick flicks just don't really draw me in. They look pretty, but way too artsy for my taste. I haven't watched one yet - I might at some point - but probably won't start with this one.

Aftershock: Seems to be the horror film of the week - and it stars Mr. Eli Roth. So take what you want from that.

Antiviral: A guy works at a clinic that sells vials of live viruses from sick celebrities to their fans. But, he soon gets infected with a virus that killed a celebrity, and now he must figure out how she died before he does as well. Different type of story for once - but not enough for me.

The Sapphires: Chris O'Dowd, the guy from Bridesmaids, stars in a film about four Australian Aboriginal girls who entertain the soldiers during Vietnam. Not too sure about this one.

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