Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 8/20/13

Epic: My son has seen this twice already. I am not 100 percent sure if he really liked it, but he wants to watch it again with his parents. So, I guess we will see how it is.

Scary Movie 5: I don't think this has really been a great franchise since maybe the second film, but I have to check out all of them. This is the first one in seven years, and appears to be the first without Anna Faris - so someone else will have to try and carry the film.

No One Lives: Horror film of the week (or graphically bloody thriller, whatever you want to call it).

Amour: I was actually quite surprised when I saw this was just now releasing on DVD. It was talked about so much around Oscar season - and almost all of those films have been out for awhile now. Still, I don't really have any interest in seeing it.

Killing Season: John Travolta has a bad Russian accent in the trailers. But, I can hopefully get past that - I will probably give this one a try. 1-on-1 war between Travolta and De Niro.

Rapture-Palooza: This looks like it could be really bad, but it has my girlfriend Anna Kendrick in it - and I have to see pretty much anything she does. So, I will see just how bad it is - maybe it will surprise me.

Shadow Dancer: This stars Clive Owen - that is pretty much all I can tell you. I looked and read some descriptions, and I am still pretty lost on what it is actually about.

Hollywood and Wine: Pamela Anderson, Chris Kattan and David Spade - looks like its pretty dumb and also is straight to video.

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