Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies 6/25/13

The Call: The promotion for this movie was absolutely horrible. I think I may have heard that it was coming out the week that it was and then I never heard about it again until a few weeks ago when it was coming out on DVD. It was like they wanted it to fail. Or, they knew it wasn't very good - which by the looks of things might be correct. Doubt I will check it out.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone: Looks incredibly stupid. So, of course I am in. It looks like Jim Carrey may be rebranding himself a little bit - getting back into some comedies where he is not exactly the headliner - which in the long run may help him out. And, because I like him in a lot of his films, I do hope that pans out.

Upside Down: I know I keep going to this well, but this looks like yet another way to tell the Romeo and Juliet story. Two people fall in love - this time though they are from twin worlds that pull in opposite directions, and are now 10 years from a forced separation. The star crossed lovers of course will continue to try and see each other. I am all for a rebranding if it works - and I will give this one a try.

Phantom: Ed Harris vs. David Duchovny with the fate of the word at stake. I would have to side with Harris on this one, and he appears to be on our side. Don't think I will rush to check this one out.

Into the White: British and German soldiers are stranded in the wilderness during World War II. And, to survive they must rely on each other and put apart their differences. Normally, not something I would be very interested in, but after watching Wild Target I said I would hope Rupert Grint could have a decent career - and he stars as one of the British soldiers.

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  1. Yeah, I think I only ever saw one trailer for "The Call." Funnily enough, it's JUST making it to Korean theaters now.

    I don't know what to think of Burt Wonderstone. It goes bad reviews, but I might eventually check it out... down the line.

    I saw Upside Down a week or two ago. Visually and conceptually, the film is brilliant. It looks amazing and has fantastic ideas. Unfortunately, the story really is basically Romeo and Juliet and it falls flat. It's nice to look at, but not much outside of that.

    Never heard of Phantom. And I want to see Into the White just for Grint, because I think he's a good actor.