Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 5/28/13

Dark Skies: The only thing I know about this movie is Keri Russell staring out the window and the bird flying directly into it. But, it looks to be the horror film of the week - so enjoy you horror buffs. I however will continue to stay away.

The Numbers Station: I saw this on a preview of some DVD I watched awhile back and was intrigued - but then saw nothing about it again. Then, not long ago, I watched another DVD and saw that it was coming out. Not sure if this ever landed in a theater anywhere, or if it was a direct to DVD launch, but at some point I think I may check it out.

Generation Um...: Wow, this looks extremely bad. Has Keanu Reeves fallen this low? I seriously hope he was doing the filmmaker a favor by working on this. The name alone, although it did intrigue me, is not a great name for a film. Staying away.


  1. I think calling Dark Skies a film for horror buffs is a major insult to horror buffs. The trailer was SO bad that people actually laughed at it in theater. And it was supposed to be scary, not funny. Not to mention the film got phenomenally bad reviews.

  2. I think you take what I say on here a little too seriously. If you haven't noticed, I usually put some kind of snarky comment for any film that is anywhere close to be considered a horror film on these things.