Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 5/21/13

Side Effects: The takeover of Channing Tatum continues, here with a Steven Soderbergh film. He joins fores with the Dragon Tattoo-girl herself, Rooney Mara. Looks like it might be a decent film, will probably give it a shot.

Beautiful Creatures: A film about witches - a girl must choose between the light and the dark side (the force?), and appears to be a top choice for the dark side. But, a normal boy appears to be getting in the way of her destiny.

Parker: I tend to enjoy Jason Statham movies every now and then - they aren't something I rush out to see, but occasionally I will toss one in or watch it on television. The involvement of Jennifer Lopez has me thrown off a bit - I can't really remember a movie I liked that she was in. But, perhaps down the road I will check it out.

The Last Stand: Yes, I will definitely be checking this one out. Despite his involvement with the Expendable films, this is Shcwarzenegger's first real film since leaving the governor's office. Looking forward to seeing it.

Stand Up Guys: Pacino, Arkin and Walken team up for one last hurrah as stickup men. Has me somewhat intrigued, but not running out to see it right away. If I catch it on tv I may check it out.

Struck by Lightning: Kurt from Glee has written a movie that he is now starring in. Though Kurt is not one of my favorite characters on the show, I will give him some love and check this out at some point.

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