Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Who? What? Where? #18

I am sorry that I missed last week's posting. Usually I have them ready to go and I just forgot about it. I was going to put it up either Thursday or Friday, but that that really wouldn't have been fair since I try to do this at the same time each week. I will do my best to stay on top of this from now on.

Anyway, congrats to Matt who retook first place from Jess - and apparently some smack talking has also begun, that is what I like to see: take pride in your movie knowledge. Matt correctly said that the person to the left was Jena Malone as Mary in Saved!

Congratulations, Matt! Good luck to everyone again this week. Let's keep those guesses coming.

The concept is simple: each week I will place a photograph of a character within a film. It is up to you (the participant in the game) to tell me the following:

1) The name of the actor (or what the actor goes by in his acting profession).

2) The name of the character in the movie.

3) And, the name of the movie.

Each correct answer gets you a point - so if you get all three correct on a given week, you can get three points. I will keep a running chart each and every week. As of now, this will be played for bragging rights only - but we shall see what the future holds.

So here is week #18:

Matt - 17 points
Jess - 15 points
Fletch - 10 points
Mrs. Kano - 5 points
Nick - 4 points


  1. Oooh, a bit more difficult.

    John Michael Higgins
    Not sure of the movie/character. I'll say Scott Donlan, Best in Show.

  2. Nope - The Break-Up, Richard Meyers.

  3. DING DING DING. Nice job, Fletch.