Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/7/10

It's that time of the week again - time for Tuesday's With Movies.

Here is this week's batch:

Inception: I have heard a bunch about this movie, but have managed to still keep all the important information away so that when I finally get to watch it the film wouldn't be ruined. After The Dark Knight I was wondering what Chris Nolan would come up with next, and from what I can tell he continues to roll out the hits. I am very interested in seeing this - due to this odd arrangement Netflix made, however, I have to wait another month until it is able to come. But, I am still excited - I have waited this long, what's another month?

Shrek Forever After: I have loved the Shrek franchise since its beginning. I am sort of torn on this final installment from word of mouth, apparently it isn't as good as people were expecting. Either way, this is a definite watch for me and my family. We all enjoy Shrek and my son will really want to see this. The premise looks pretty good, so I will have to make my own judgments once I finally get to see it.

Restrepo: I have heard good things about this, but for some reason I am not too interested in seeing this and I probably won't. It's a documentary about the war and it is apparently pretty gripping and real. Either way, though, I will not be checking this one out - at least not right away.

That's really all that is coming out for films. Not a large crop.

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