Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/14/10

Sorry this is late. Been a busy week. So I am a few days behind on everything.

Anyway, here is the new Tuesday's with Movies (Who? What? Where? will be posted tomorrow).

Pretty big list this week.

Despicable Me: I am pretty interested in this film, but not enough to run out to the theaters. My son is liking the look of the minions that are in this film so I know that we will check it out as soon as we can. I have heard mixed reviews about this so, again, I will try to put my own spin on things once I get to watch it.

The A-Team: One of the few movies that I was lucky enough to check out in the theater this year and I absolutely loved it. The entire crew was great - tons of action and very funny as well. I will definitely be owning this one as soon as I can. Make sure to check this one out and I am seriously hoping for a sequel to this.

The Town: Another film I wish I could have seen in the theaters. Ben Affleck has really become a great person behind the camera and I can't wait to finally check this one out. It looks to have a lot of the things that interest me and it appears to be another breakout for Jeremy Renner.

The Other Guys: Looks to be anther Will Ferrell vehicle that will be funny, but not as funny as it should be. The previews/trailers have been somewhat funny, but for some reason Ferrell continues to pull the same schtick that he has been doing for awhile now. I hope this isnt the case in this film, but I fear that it is.

Legend of the Guardian (Owls of Ga-hoole): I have no idea what this was about and I was very confused when I saw the first trailer. My son asked what this was about and I really could not tell him. It almost feels like a Lord of the Rings for owls. As of now I have no intentions of checking this out.

Nanny McPhee Returns: Um, I have not seen the first. Doubt I will see the second.

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