Monday, July 14, 2008

Vantage Point

Our second movie that we took in this weekend was Vantage Point.

Vantage Point is a thriller, terrorist movie that shows a single moment from a handful of different perspectives.

The film opens from the view of GNN (Global Network News) and their team. The President of the United States is set to give a speech against terrorism. There is an assassination attempt on the president, which is followed by multiple explosions.

The film then rewinds and shows you the point of view of Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid), who had previously taken a bullet for the president and was just returning to duty.

Basically, the film begins to unwrap more and more with each perspective that you are able to see. Forest Whitaker, William Hurt, Matthew Fox and Sigourney Weaver co-star in this action-packed film.

The film had a lot of great moments, and it was pretty fun to follow as each perspective was shown - and little-by-little the information was given to you - until you find out who is behind the attack, and how they are going to be brought down.

I would give this movie a better grade, however, if it wasn't so predictable. I told my wife right away, I believe from the second perspective, who was involved in the attack. It was far too easy to figure out. But, it was definitely a fun watch and fun to see how things went together.



  1. It was alright. There's been so many other good multiple POV movies out there that are much better. It's just sad that Vantage Point had to be the one to attempt commercializing the concept and nearly fail at it.

    You should see Rashomon, Go, and 11:14.

    Rashomon is different, though, in that they're more like confessions of the same story from different perspective than the actual same story from different perspectives.

    Go and 11:14 are more like Vantage Point, but much better.

  2. Yeah, I have seen 11:14 and it is pretty well done.

    I have been wanting to see Go - haven't heard of Rashomon, but will look into it.

  3. Rashomon is an Akira Kurosawa film (old black and white). It was the first movie ever to do something like this. It's also based on a short story. I discuss it on my blog if you wanna read up on it. It shouldn't be too far back. I just did it not too long ago.