Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top 10: Things to Look Forward to this Summer

I apologize for missing the Top 10 last week, obviously I had another blog that I wanted to write instead.

I have to admit, it is getting pretty difficult coming up with these Top 10 lists each and every week. But, I will continue to try and do my best.

This week's is a little different. Summer is my all-time favorite time of year, despite the ungodly heat and the amount of sweat pouring off of my body. But, when you live where I live, and winter consumes about eight months out of the year - you learn to love the heat.

This Top 10 list is in honor of the things I am looking forward to for this summer - some have actually already happened, but I still include them.

10) 4th of July
Explanation: Each year we have a big to-do at our house for the 4th of July. It actually was just this past weekend. Rouses Point has a parade that goes right by our house, and fireworks follow at dusk. So, we invite friends and family to the house for a nice BBQ.

9) Green Grass
Explanation: Living in the frigid North, the grass is usually covered with a thick blanket of snow. So, when the summer months finally do come and the grass is allowed to grow, there is nothing prettier than a perfectly mowed lawn with no weeds or brown spots (which mine currently is filled with).

8) Barbecues
Explanation: I am pretty decent on the grill. I am not much of a cook on the inside of the house, I leave most, if not all, of the cooking to my wife. But, when it comes time to grill I actually enjoy it. And who doesn't love a nice cooked burger or steak off the grill?

7) The Sun
Explanation: This is an oddity, because I am a fairly skinned person (OK, I am see-through), so actually enjoying the sun is pretty difficult to do. I guess I don't really like laying out in the sun, but having it out really brightens (pun intended) up your day.

6) Cold Drinks
Explanation: Now obviously you can enjoy a nice, cold drink any day of the calendar year. But, how nice is that ice cold drink on a warm day? I love coming in from the warmth of the outside and enjoying a nice cold drink.

5) Summer Basketball
Explanation: As I have stated in previous blogs, I am playing on a summer basketball team. I have always enjoyed the game, and miss playing competitively. So I enjoy when the summer finally rolls around and I can enjoy playing at least once I week.

4) Outer Banks Vacation
Explanation: Every other year my entire family on my father's side gets together in the Outer Banks for a family reunion. This will be the third year we are going, and the first for Kasey. I am pretty excited to see how much he enjoys the beach - because I know he'll love the pool.

3) Anniversary
Explanation: June 4th was our 3rd anniversary. Still starting out, we didn't get to do too much, but we spent a good amount of time together, which is pretty rare nowadays. We went to Lake George for the night, and went to the Great Escape for the day.

2) Friends
Explanation: No, not those friends, but my friends. During the summer months there seems to be a little more time, and a little more to do, to spend with your friends. I have a handful of really close friends who I wouldn't trade for the world.

1) Family
Explanation: Family is very important to me, and during the summer months you can actually get out and do a lot more. My son absolutely loves the outdoors, and spent a good amount of time outside this weekend. Although we don't do a whole lot outdoors, it's nice to know that when we want do that we can.

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