Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 10: Cartoon Films

In continuation with Cartoon Week, I have decided to post my favorite Top 10 Cartoon Films. As a disclaimer, however, I would like to state that I have not yet seen every cartoon movie ever created, obviously. I am not a fan of Anime, so I have not included any in my list. And I did not include any sequels in my list as well (all sequels should be assumed to be mixed with it's original).

That being said, it was tough to limit the list to just 10 movies. I am a huge fan of the Pixar films, as you will see by my list below, but I didn't want to include all of them on my list - so I excluded a few of those. It was also extremely difficult to be just to cartoons created so long ago. With the technology boom, cartoon animation has come along way since the days of Snow White, and although those films are a huge piece of the animation culture - and I enjoy watching them every now and then - they just don't hold a candle to what today's generation of cartoon movies can bring to the table. But, I did manage to sneak in a few of my absolute favorite old-school animation films.

Finally, I am including only movies that are full cartoon animation. So, movies that have both animation and live-action have not been included.

So, here are MY favorite Top 10 Cartoon Films. They will obviously be different then yours. In reverse order, as always.

Note: It has been a little while since seeing some of these, so the synopsis may be a little unclear.

10) The Chipmunk Adventure
Synopsis: The Chipmunks face-off against the Chipettes in a hot air balloon race around the world. They are picking up and dropping off little Chipmunk/Chipette dolls along the way, not realizing that they are actually smuggling diamonds for a pair of criminals.

9) The Great Mouse Detective
Synopsis: A sort of Sherlock Holmes-type film that focuses on Basil and his counterpart Dawson as they track down the kidnapping of a little girl's father. The girl's father, a toymaker, has been snatched up by the evil Ratigan (voiced by Vincent Price).

8) A Bug's Life
Synopsis: Flick, an inventor ant, accidentally knocks over a hoard of food that the ants have been collecting for the grasshoppers. In order to save his colony, he ventures to the city to find some tough bugs to stand up to the grasshoppers - but chooses a bunch of circus performers by mistake.

7) The Incredibles
Synopsis: Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are just two of many superheroes forced into retirement. Trying to make it in the real world is difficult for them, but they (along with their children) are thrust back into the jobs they are meant for to save the world from Syndrome.

6) Oliver & Company
Synopsis: A young kitten joins a group of on the street dogs, who do anything possible to survive. Oliver (the kitten) is adopted by a little girl, but he is soon 'kidnapped' by the dogs and their owner, Fagin, in order to extort money to pay off a debt he owes to Sykes.

5) Finding Nemo
Synopsis: An overprotective clown fish named Marlin sets out on a journey to find his lost son, Nemo, who was plucked from the ocean and is now a member of the 'Tank Gang' in a dentist office. Dorey, a forgetful fish, joins Marlin in his trek across the ocean to reunite with his son.

4) South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Synopsis: The Terrence & Philip Movie is released in South Park, and all the children are treated to vulgar language. Their parents, in an effort to save their children, go after Terrence & Philip and eventually declare war on Canada.

3) Monster's, Inc.
Synopsis: A group of monsters capture screams from children in order to power their community. A little girl, whom the monsters think is toxic, escapes into their world, and Sully and Mike try to get her back into her room without anyone realizing she is there.

2) Shrek
Synopsis: Shrek is, as of now, a trilogy. The original shows Shrek and Donkey rescuing Princess Fiona from a dragon-guarded castle. The second film is about Shrek getting to know his in-laws, while the third is about Shrek finding knew king, Arthur, and stopping the fairy tale villains and Prince Charming.

1) Toy Story
Synopsis: Toy Story is the movie that started it all in terms of computer animation. It was the first full-length feature done entirely with computers. Woody is Andy's favorite toy, that is until Buzz Lightyear arrives on Andy's birthday. Buzz, however, doesn't believe he is a toy, and tries to get back to his home planet - while Woody must go along for the ride to prove to the other toys that he is not jealous of Buzz.

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  1. Aw man... how can you not be a fan of anime? The genres are so wide and varied, there's gotta be at least SOME kind of anime you'd be into.

    If anything, you should check out 'Spirited Away'. I don't think I've met anyone who didn't like Spirited Away. Even my MOM liked Spirited Away.