Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guitar Hero

My good friend received both an XBOX 360 and Rock Band for Christmas last year. We had gone over a few times to play and he even brought it up to our house once for us to 'rock out'.

I really enjoyed the game. It was fun to play such enjoyable songs and it allows up to four people to play during a single jam session.

I, however, did not have an XBOX 360, so Rock Band was out of the picture for me. So, my wife purchased Guitar Hero III for our Wii system. And we were immediately hooked. It was actually pretty difficult when we first started, but since then I have pretty much mastered the Easy difficulty and completed the Medium difficulty. But, that is where I draw the line. The next difficulty up is pretty much impossible for me so far.

I was excited to see that Guitar Hero was releasing an Aerosmith themed disc, which comes out this Sunday.

Rock Band, however, was announced for the Wii system and released last Sunday. When it was announced, my wife and I were pretty excited - that is until I started reading what the game would include, or that is NOT include.

The game was being dumbed down for the Wii release, and would more resemble the PS2 game then that of the PS3 or XBOX 360. Gone was the create-a-character, the world tour mode and other various modes that made the game great - including downloadable content.

So, we reluctantly marked the release date on our calendar, but were unsure if we were going to purchase the game.

Guitar Hero, however, made my choice very easy. About a month ago, Guitar Hero announced it's next release entitled Guitar Hero: World Tour. Unlike previous releases that only included the guitar, World Tour would more closely resemble Rock Band with a guitar kit and a microphone. Not only that, but everything that Rock Band thought it couldn't include on the Wii - World Tour includes. So, come October we will be rocking out with the new Guitar Hero.

Rock Band made a huge mistake here. Instead of finding ways around the problems that could occur for the missing pieces - they just decided not to include it, and gave an inferior product. Guitar Hero, however, took the time to figure things out and may have cornered the market for rock games on the Wii system because of it.

The original Guitar Hero game for Wii that we purchased came with a guitar, and the Aerosmith one we are getting Sunday also comes with a guitar. When World Tour arrives, we will get the kit with the guitar, drum kit and microphone. It will be our last 'bundle' purchase, as we will have three guitars, a drum kit and microphone - then we will just have to purchase new games.

I am pretty excited about the new releases. Hopefully the Aerosmith version can hold me over until World Tour comes out.

Finding out the songs that will be included in each game is pretty exciting as well. I never thought I would be so into a music concept game - but I am hooked.

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