Monday, February 3, 2014

The Theme Song Bracket

Well, the Super Bowl is over: Congratulations Seattle. And, March Madness is still over a month away. So, what will keep us entertained?

How about a Movie Theme Song Bracket?

After watching the new Star Trek film this past summer I got to thinking how much of a risk they took in changing the iconic theme song to something new.

Now, Star Trek did it a bit different - and probably smart. They incorporated the old theme into the new series, even though it really isn't considered the theme. In the end, I really loved the new theme - it worked out for them.

However, changing an iconic theme sometimes doesn't work out as well. For instance, also this summer Man of Steel was released - and there is not one piece of music as uplifting or iconic as the original Superman theme. I think they really missed out on not putting it in there.

It got me thinking, have there really been that many decent theme songs of late? I immediately thought of Pirates of the Caribbean and even Kick-Ass. But as I dug even deeper, there are actually a decent amount of theme songs that are somewhat current. But, do they stack up to the iconic films?

Well, let's find out.

I, with a little help, have compiled 64 instrumental movie theme songs and created a Theme Song Bracket. So, over the course of about a month we will whittle them down to the most iconic theme song.

Again, please don't freak out about the original rankings. I had five different people rank the theme songs and I put them all together and this is how they averaged out. In the end, as always, the cream will always rise to the top.

So, check back each day and I will have two chances to vote. Tell your friends, your family, your plumber. Let's get as many votes as possible. Check back tomorrow for our first two sets of theme songs to vote on.

Below we have our bracket of 64 (in four different versions - thanks to my pal Matt. Print out your favorite to follow along) - which theme song is your favorite? Stop back each day to vote.

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