Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/17/13

Well, it finally happened. I promised myself I wouldn't get so far behind that I would have films I saw in the theater unreviewed by the time they came out on DVD. But, I could just not find the time to review a couple of them and both are coming out today. I will just have to do them in the near future.

Elysium: This was the first film I have yet to review. I will just say I liked it and to look for the review in the near future.

Lone Ranger: You know what? I am actually looking forward to seeing this. There is absolutely no way it is as bad as people are saying. The lemmings of the world jump right in and follow what everyone else is saying. Looking forward to getting my own thoughts on it.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters: Haven't checked out the first one yet, but I will check it out eventually. So, this one will be watched eventually as well.

Prisoners: This looks like one of those films where you need to watch it and it's good - but have trouble watching it multiple times. It looks so depressing - but it looks like it can be pretty darn good as well.

The Family: Really only want to check this out because Quinn from Glee is in it. Hopefully there are a few laughs in it.

One Direction: This is Us: I really like Morgn Spurlock as a documentary directory - and I have really gotten into his show on CNN. But, this is still One Direction - a band for teenage girls. So, yeah not really looking into this one.

Kick Ass 2: This was my second theater movie I have yet to review. Again, let's just say I enjoyed it - and again check back for the full review in the near future.

Ghost Team One: Two guys are both in love with the same girl and try to trick her into thinking their house is haunted - but as they begin filming they soon find out that it just may actually be haunted. Probably not on my rush out and see list.

Force of Execution: Ving Rhames. Danny Trejo. Steven Seagal. Sounds like a great early '90s flick. But, it's actually from 2013.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints: An outlaw escapes from prison and sets out to find his wife and the child he never met. It's probably great, but doesn't appear to be something I am interested in.

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