Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Theater Review: Frozen

What is that in the rearview mirror? Well, it just might be sister company Pixar.

Disney - and I mean original Disney - just might finally be back.

Starting with 2010's Tangled (though Princess & the Frog was actually pretty good) Disney has made an upward climb back into the limelight - and might even caught up to (or surpassed) animation giant Pixar.

Though Tangled had no chance of taking out Toy Story 3 in the Academy Awards, I felt last year that Wreck-It Ralph was far superior to Pixar's Brave that took home the trophy.

Well, I honestly can't see that happening again. As great as Monsters University was - there is no way they can pass up Disney's Frozen.

Frozen follows a pair of princess sisters, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell), who are inseparable in their younger years. Elsa, though, has a bit of a mutation? She has the power to create snow and ice.

Once while playing with her power, she accidentally hit her sister and her parents realize that it is becoming too powerful. So, they get Anna's memory of her sister's power erased and hide Elsa in the castle - keeping out all visitors.

As time passes, Anna becomes more and more crazy because of her cabin fever and her inability to play with her best friend and sister, who stays hidden in her room as much as possible - and wears gloves to keep her powers at bay.

But, when she reaches a certain age - she must take over the thrown as the queen. And, the castle is opened and people come in to see her coronation, including Prince Hans (Santino Fontana). Due to what can only be her cabin fever issue - Anna falls madly in love with Hans in just a few hours and they agree to marry.

This news, however, sets Elsa off and her ability is revealed to the entire castle. So, she flees and leaves the entire kingdom in a state of winter.

Anna now must rescue her sister and get her to reverse the spell that is cast over the kingdom. Along her journey she meets an ice salesman named Kristoff (Jonathan Goff), his reindeer Sven and a snowman made by her sister named Olaf (Josh Gad).

I really cannot wait to go see this movie again. I absolutely loved Wreck-It Ralph last year and I might even enjoy Frozen even more. It was breathtaking.

It looked amazing, had a great voice cast, great humor and the story was amazing. It pretty much had everything a Disney movie used to have. Including unbelievable music.

Do yourself a favor and go see this - probably a few times. It is that good. I loved it.

And this song pretty much has the Oscar wrapped up as well. This version gave me goosebumps in the theater. Very powerful.

My grade for now is this, but I feel it might be bumped up with another viewing. I just can't bring myself to give a top grade after one viewing.


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