Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breaking Dawn: Part 2

My lack of love for this franchise has never been hidden. But, I definitely enjoy doing things with my wife that she likes, so I watched each and every one of them with her one time.

I do a bit of a Mystery Science Theater action during the films - not sure if she enjoys it or not, but it keeps me invested in the film throughout.

So, after watching all four previous films I needed to stick it out to the end and I watched Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Let me first start by saying that I enjoyed two things in this film - and one of those things absolutely crushed me in the end.

First, I loved the way the film wrapped up and by that I mean the credits. The way they showcased all of the major characters throughout the entire franchise was spectacular - and to the tune of Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'. I almost wish other films would take notice and do this more often.

Second, the battle season. The fight between the Volturi and the Cullens was what I had been waiting for throughout the franchise. There were a few decent fight scenes in the earlier films, but Part 1 had absolutely nothing and I was hoping it was building to this - and the fight itself did not disappoint.

So, here is the deal. Bella (Kristen Stewart) has just given birth to Renesmee and Edward (Robert Pattinson) was forced to turn Bella into a vampire in order to keep her alive.

Jacob (Taylor Lautner), meanwhile, had to imprint on her to save her from his pack - and sticks around to protect her and the Cullen family.

I am not too familiar with everything that is going on, but the majority of the film happens because Irina (Maggie Grace) comes to visit with the Cullens and witnesses Renesmee - believing her to be an immortal child, which is forbidden by the Volturi because they cannot be trained or restrained.

Knowing that Renesmee is in fact not an immortal child, but a half-and-half, the Cullens are about to flee Forks in order to stay to together and get away from the Volturi. But, Bella and Edward convince them to find others to stand up to the Volturi and show them that she is in fact not an immortal child.

It's funny though because the best actors in this movie are not the main characters. They are the supporting characters. I actually don't think the main three are horrible - but they are not great in these movies. They are better in other films.

Anyway - the ending (before the credits) absolutely crushed me. I didn't see it coming at all - I was pretty damn pissed. I honestly can't believe it happened that way - and everything I had 'invested' in watching this I thought had actually been worth it, but it was yanked from under me.

I know I am going to do it - one day or weekend I will watch all five movies back-to-back and see what happens. I don't even remember the first few movies right now. Perhaps my opinion will change. But, right now I am a bit pissed off so this is the grade.


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